Wednesday, May 31, 2006

let the games beguin chris : )

Hahahah HA…
Ok…I will try to briefly explain to you all what has happened recently…well not really recently : )

In 1998, I joined Sheridan College in Canada as a student and met one of my best friends Chris (you can see his blog on my list). We became friends through our mutual love of soccer and our crazy passion for caricature and café drawing.
We started to draw everywhere…while on the subway…at café places – (Starbucks was one of our favourite)….stalking people for a few hours until we mangled, killed and deformed or pushed their bodies as far as was humanly possible in our caricature world : )
Today I see lots Great Artist like Enrico Casarossa or Bobby Chiu and others that are pushing the limits of this great art. Practiced “Caffe Drawing” from my point of view, is the most important area in our field (for storyboard, animation, life drawing and character design progression).
Well its been a year since I’ve seen my brother Chris and recently, like me, he created his own Blog, and presented a challenge to continue making the worst caricatures we could possibly do of each other…so here I am showing you guys just some of the caricatures that I found from a while ago, since he posted few of his one on his blog.. Now you will understand why I keep posting caricatures of this Tall, Red, Extra White, and Freckled guy. : )

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some of my caffe drawing