Tuesday, October 31, 2006

United Nation

This was one of my first Art Directing Job, where I had to do all designs, come up with 12 illutrations , coloured and talk with the client and tryed to accomodate all their request in few weeks of work. Creacyyyy works hours but I always manage to be done by the due date. I love trying new styles, is the only way we can keep learning.
My ultimate dream is to become a director. And learning from the greatest directors like: Walt Disney, John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Ridley Scott and others, are good artist first then directors. I truly believe that for direct a big number of people from different departments, you need to respect and understand what and how important is their work. When you can relate to someone immediately you can install a good vibe and a great harmony in the studio, and they will respect you calls.
My good friend Geoffrey Donovan..(yessss twin brother of Daren Donovan 2 great artist & friends), colour the one on the center...Its ammazing when you know what you want the you have people that they know how to do it or can fully understend your directions- thats the good thing about been an artist...This is my first time I let someone else to finish colour one of my drawing. :)
This illutrations were done for United Nation Website... and I was suppose to create a nice tv-show for them (where I did all the storyboards for ) but never past the production stage, since the " Middle Man " blew all the money for personal use... a pure scandal !! :)

Fashion Line Illustration

From Modeling to Photographer

Preppie Girl : )

School is Over !!!!!! : )

Hard to Get :)

Robo Roach Concept & Storyboard

The best part about creating storyboards, is when they give you the opportunity to come up with original ideas (like I think I did here with the paper clip or the cassete tape as training excercice) and are not restricted 100% to the script.
If it works for the story, and it's funny or original then Boo-yaaahhhh!! : )
But that's hardly happen!!!