Monday, September 05, 2011


Hi Everybody... I finally finished to saddle down in Florida... Start to working for Digital Domain to a new Feature animated film as Story artist, and here I am with some new art work... hope you like it ;)

Friday, May 16, 2008


Well after 9 months in LA working to the Movie " Alvin " I come back here in Toronto and did some storyboards for the movie " 9 ". And since I was looking for some new work opening and I had loootss free time :) I just decide to drop a line to Bobby Chiu just for say hi to him, and look how things was going after the Sheridan time... So he invite me to stop by to his studio.. and honestly I had a great time...See finally some great artist do what they liked most without the frustrating and demanding weird art directions from the " white collar " Him and his talented crew re-inspired me to one of my favorite things to do... CAFFE DRAWING.
We met with them and few other artist to the subway and start to draw for few hours.. then I kept drawing to a Caffe location on Bloor and Spadina.. and here what I create... hope you will enjoy it :)


Then after the Video and had show my Portfolio to the PIXAR People one of the Directors ask me if I could do some caricatures with the same style...just probably for look if I was able to be consistent with one style... so in less then a day I sent him back all this ones trying to keep the caricature I did previously for the "PEDRO" character from the movie...And Ralph replay to my friend Sylvia:

"looking great, re-iterated that your work is among the best he has seen
in a long time and that you should keep an eye out for new postings.
I think he was pleased at how quickly you sent in the new work in
response to his feedback!"

But I never heard from them.... But I had some good feed back from Enrico Casarossa too so its all good, He is a great guy and he really liked my portfolio and told me that there was no reason why they shouldn't hire me, and give to me some suggestion and inspire me to publish and keep working to some of my ideas for some book or comic-strip.... One day I will be at PIXAR.. I hope hahahah:)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hi Everyone... What happen to me... well i will try to fill you up with what kept me busy this past year..
This video/storyboard scene I did since the greatest Riccardo Curtis, suggested me to storyboard a little chasing sequence. A short story idea that is fully mine, something that really shows what I love and want to do ...... the stories I gravitate toward and that I want to tell ...I ended up designing the characters, edited the entire sequence and added very minimal sound effect to get a complete feel for the chase seq...

And I submitt at Blue Sky Studio and Pixar, hoping.... well you konw :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This are from the Toronto Winter Fair

This Cafe Drawings I did at the Toronto Winter Fair this year, and I hope that they are a prove of how from a cafe drawing we can have a decent character design development.
My favourite is the sheep...when I finish to draw it, she put a smile on my face ( hard to happen `cause I always think that my drawing suck and that I could do much better :)
I used pen Brush , water colour, or pencil...wish I could stay longer and draw more.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

United Nation

This was one of my first Art Directing Job, where I had to do all designs, come up with 12 illutrations , coloured and talk with the client and tryed to accomodate all their request in few weeks of work. Creacyyyy works hours but I always manage to be done by the due date. I love trying new styles, is the only way we can keep learning.
My ultimate dream is to become a director. And learning from the greatest directors like: Walt Disney, John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Ridley Scott and others, are good artist first then directors. I truly believe that for direct a big number of people from different departments, you need to respect and understand what and how important is their work. When you can relate to someone immediately you can install a good vibe and a great harmony in the studio, and they will respect you calls.
My good friend Geoffrey Donovan..(yessss twin brother of Daren Donovan 2 great artist & friends), colour the one on the center...Its ammazing when you know what you want the you have people that they know how to do it or can fully understend your directions- thats the good thing about been an artist...This is my first time I let someone else to finish colour one of my drawing. :)
This illutrations were done for United Nation Website... and I was suppose to create a nice tv-show for them (where I did all the storyboards for ) but never past the production stage, since the " Middle Man " blew all the money for personal use... a pure scandal !! :)

Fashion Line Illustration

From Modeling to Photographer

Preppie Girl : )

School is Over !!!!!! : )

Hard to Get :)

Robo Roach Concept & Storyboard

The best part about creating storyboards, is when they give you the opportunity to come up with original ideas (like I think I did here with the paper clip or the cassete tape as training excercice) and are not restricted 100% to the script.
If it works for the story, and it's funny or original then Boo-yaaahhhh!! : )
But that's hardly happen!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Playing with colours

A black chair ...

Back when I was a student at Sheridan, my best friend Chris and I used to do cafe drawings all the time... this was before the big boom of this art form. We would draw at concerts, Starbucks, Zoo's, Jazz clubs ( you can find some really cool characters there) and parks. Since our lives went separate ways (work reasons) my flame/desire to do cafe' drawings had dwindled. I had not know one to compete and push the caricature with. I remember one day in particular, Chris and I followed a guy at the Toronto Winter Fair for almost 45 min. and we ended up at the Starbucks close to the Paramount Theater... hahaha... poor guy. We mangled and deformed him in our drawings way beyond human recognition ... it was a blast.

I truly believe that cafe drawing is the key to bringing together the major departments/classes in the animation field ( Concept Design, Storyboard, Animation, Life Drawing). So, I decided to bring my 3rd year students to the Mall in Oakville to draw all the interesting people in the Food Court, followed by a short lecture. They loved it and it is something you can get seriously addicted to as soon you can get away from thinking as an adult and start to think as your inner child. It does not have to be formal and there are no rules ... just draw from your heart and use your creativity. Be loose and have fun. :)
I have now discovered the passion of adding colours to it. I always loved and focused on the quick line drawings... but as you can see, the color in these drawings can add that extra flare. That special flare that is in all of us and makes us unique. That lady I drew with a flowery shirt was just a simple push drawing in my eyes, but when i added those colors to her shirt it all made sense for me- she came alive. Same as the guy in all black...he was a Sheridan student in the Food Court and he managed to pick the only black chair in a sea of red ones! Did he bring it from home?? He must love black ! :)

Well enjoy the drawings and please let me know if you have any tips for me...
Chris, Jeoff, and Mr me any time for more cafe drawing time !!!
I love the Animation field...passion for art is the only thing I have :)

Angelo Libutti

Friday, September 22, 2006

Caffe Drawing & Water Colour